Sunday, 28 August 2016

"Moving On"

"Facing your Demons"

"In Harms Way"

"Heavily Guarded"

"Trusting the Unknown"

"Finding your Magic"

"A Dangerous Journey"

"No Season is Safe"

"Stranger in a Monster Land"

"Stolen Away"

"Lurking" around town

"Lurk" Opening night

 Myself and Dave Beazley with our paintings all hung

me being a Lurker

"Lurk" opened on a rainy Thursday night (25th of August 2016). I've never been very good with exhibition openings as nerves tend to take control but I think this one went really well. A great turnout of people (despite the weather) and some awesome sales too. A huge thanks to Shannon from the Quarry Arts Centre for her awesome help and support. Also a mighty big thanks to Dave and Andrea for all that they did....the list is a long one.
The exhibition runs for another 33 weeks at the Yvonne Rust Gallery Whangarei.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

not everyone can see them....but I sure do


One of my favourite recent illustrations "Wolf"


I'm very excited to be part of a collective of Whangarei Local artists who sometimes like to lurk in the darker side of art. Check out for all the dark fun! and keep a look out for future DARK ARTs exhibitions and merch. I'll be creating a T-Shirt design exclusively for DARK ARTs in the very near future. 
Stay tuned.

The Great Plate Exhibition 2016

Hi guys, big apologies for my absence of late, I definitely need to keep up to date with my blog posts.
I thought I'd start with my plate for "The Great Plate 2016" exhibition. It's always such a fun exhibition where heaps of local artists get to turn a plate into a work of art. My one this year is titled "I love watching you remember" and it was inspired by my Pops.
All the plates are auctioned on Trade Me and all money earned goes to The Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei (NZ)....a mighty good cause for local artists.