Saturday, 21 November 2015

Peppina/ Fan Jam TV

Photo by : Allison Stock

FanJam TV

I recently had the awesome opportunity to take part in an online show which focuses on musical artists and connects their fans with them via Skype.
This show was all about the amazing Peppina (a musically gifted singer/songwriter from Finland) and I was asked to be part of it as she has written songs based on my illustrations for hitRECord.
The first was Mademoiselle Noir...a very dark take on the classic brothers Grim tale Rapunzel, which was made into an animation and sponsored by Sony. (you can watch it here: )
Beastly Beauty was the second and this one was featured on the Emmy award winning TV Show Hitrecord on TV. You can watch the animation over at hitrecord:

Pepinna has put a whole lot of love and hard work into her new EP: Follow you Gravity. It has some really magical tunes so I recommend you go buy a copy:

You can watch the episode of Fan Jam TV where she plays some awesome live music and I got to meet her (skype face to face) for the first time. <3 Here's the link:

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