Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hitrecord on TV Season 2

 "Little Dragon"
"Margaret and May"

Hey out there....(not sure if anyone still reads my blog but if you do I would love to hear from you...feel free to say hi in the comments below :)

I find this blog a really cool way to keep track of all the things I get up to.....kind of like my journal. I'm not the best at keeping it up to date but I always seem to come back to it with my updates.

One of the awesome projects I got to be a part of this year was: Hitrecord on TV Season 2.
The thing I love most about hitrecord (apart from all the amazing friends/artists you get to collaborate with) is seeing my little characters brought to life. It really amazes me to see how someone else interprets my little scribbles. In this season of Hitrecord on TV a few of my characters were animated in the coolest little animation shorts:

The first is a beautiful short animation called "Little Dragon" which is on the "FIRE" episode. It's based on a brilliant little poem written by Metaphorist (a.k.a Sarah...a huge talent in words, music.... everything!) I provided the key character of Sylvie...a little dragon who breaths ice instead of fire. My character was originally called Russell but due to a lack of lead female characters in the episode little Russell became little Sylvie (which I think works just as well).
 All the characters were "plushified" by hitrecorder Sinnamin ...which means she cleverly made them into "felt" versions of themselves. They live in this amazing crafty, crochet, knitted, magical land which was constructed by a whole heap of contributing artists. It turned out beautifully and has a whole heap of heart!

The second is called "Margaret and May" and is a tiny little segment but one I love a lot. It's creepy and dark and you'll find it lurking somewhere in the "SECRETS" episode.

Hope you enjoy them and all the other work by all these awesome artists.

all my best
Soju Shots

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