Saturday, 19 September 2015

Buttercup's Impossible Dream

Recently I've been working on an awesome project for hitRECord called :The Impossible Dream.
The community has been collaborating on 3 short documentaries about real people who have dreams that to them have seemed unobtainable at some point in their lives.
The one I have been working on is about an amazing soul on hitRECord called Lena (username Buttercup) who comes from Germany.
Buttercup has always been full of support over the years to so many people on hitrecord and when she shared her "impossible dream" I just had to be part of helping inspire it to come true.
I'll leave all the details and story for the short documentary which will be coming out very soon. (I'll leave links to it when it's out).
In the meantime the above image is of Buttercup and her friendly skeleton exploring the magical land of New Zealand.

Stay tuned for more..

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