Friday, 5 December 2014

Pigs Do Fly!

In a previous post I mentioned my little piggy project which had me sending my little pig characters to anyone wanting one around the world. Most of these piggies have arrived in their new homes and their adventures have begun. A huge thank you to everyone for sending these awesome photos through! 

This is just a few of many.....I will post more of these amazing piggy travels each week. 

 This little piggy went to Bourban Street, New Orleans, USA. ( Thanks to @ESCAPING_ARTIST )

This little piggy has a crush on his new friend in Gyeonggi-Do province, South Korea ( Thanks to @PINK_CHOUCREAM )

This little piggy got tangled in Christmas lights in Belgium ( Thanks to @BELCATH1981 )

This little piggy went to Solvang the Danish city in Southern California ( Thanks to @STRIPED.DONKEY )

This little piggy experienced a true American Thanksgiving (thanks to @MEGIPIXEL )

This little piggy went to Rainbow Falls, Big Island of Hawaii ( Thanks to @KIWIJANNA )

This Little piggy went to Liberty Island, New York, USA ( Thanks to @IMPROPERBOSTONIAN )

more to come 

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