Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Homemade Mermaid

This is a painting I did for a group exhibition called "The Laboratorium". It's such a fun exhibition where we get to do work based on laboratory experiments, mad science and Gothic inspired stuff. 
Mine was based on a rather pathetic mad scientist who was obsessed with mermaids....so he made one. He crudely stitched a fishes tale to the top half of his high-school sweetheart Margot....he then rowed her out to sea and threw her into the deep, dark water. Sadly the homemade mermaid sank to the bottom as she could not swim. As i mentioned before...he was a rather pathetic mad scientist.
This was quite a large painting (as you can see in the photo of me working on it) but sadly i have never managed to get a good photo of it's entirety.


  1. Creepy! Beautiful sea colors... so cool how the end of her tail looks like seaweed... but mostly I wish I had her hair - I love it! :)

  2. haha! awesome! thanks heaps Megi! :D

  3. this is a beautiful disaster... the art is beautiful! but the sad mad scientist's idea of putting two things he loved together-- disaster... somehow i'm really seeing your dark side. haha. such range you have! :)