Monday, 27 October 2014


I came across this little critter whilst cleaning up my little studio a few weeks back. He was lurking around the old picture frames I have leaning against the wall beneath my window.

At first I wasn't sure if he was a biter so I carefully put him in this little jar and poked air holes in the top. He sat on top of a stack of old books and would watch me as I worked.

As I got to know him I learned he was definitely not a biter in fact he doesn't even have teeth. So what does a little critter with no teeth eat??? Well I discovered quickly when he dived headfirst into my glass of L&P that he eats bubbles....yep he's a bubble eater. He's especially fond of cola bubbles. Oh yeah...he sprouted wings too.

When I was painting late at night for my upcoming exhibition he would perch on my shoulder and purr little tunes that at times sounded familiar.

I'd often catch him peering outside my studio window with his little worried expression on his face. I thought that he may have a family out there looking for him.

One Tuesday morning I opened the window for him and he fluttered out...... I waved farewell to him just as he flew straight into a sticky old spider web. Mrs Spider was shaking her fist at him angrily when I arrived to rescue him. I apologised to Mrs Spider on his behalf as we made a speedy exit...angry spiders give us both the creeps.

After the spider incident he didn't want to leave the comfort of his little jar much. I'd leave him outside in his jar for 24 minutes a day so he could see what was happening in the outside world.
One day when his 24 minutes were up I went to bring him in....but he was gone!....jar and all!!

stay tuned for more :)


  1. Oh, yayyy! He DOES sing little songs! I just KNEW he would! That made my day :)

    1. haha! he sure does Megi! glad to help make your day. thanks for the comment!! it made mine :)