Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Someone to be super with

One little boy had a little pig for his imaginary friend. They would fly all over the world saving people in need.


  1. Oh my goodness Evan (Soju! Sorry!), you've been busy! I just put my name in for your collage give-away and scrolled down to read any postings! Wow, I can't wait to read everything! I recognize so much from IG and Society 6, blah blah blah :) I have favorites of course, even though favorites are usually a no-no :D

    1. heyy megi. Yeah actually this blog was my first step into social media...before all the other ones. I remember i was really nervous posting things but soon really began to enjoy it. Then all the other sites seemed to get more attention and i fell out of the habit of blogging. Now its back! haha and i'm loving it......cant wait to keep it updated with what i'm up too. Thanks heaps for taking the time to check it out :)