Wednesday, 17 September 2014

more imaginary friends

Here's a few more of my favorite Imaginary Friends submitted to me over my instagram, facebook and twitter.
One little girl had a giant white tiger that made her feel protected....i imagined him in comfy,cosy socks.
The next little boy had an imaginary robot friend called beebot! Mum would pack extra marmite sandwiches in this boy's lunchbox especially for beebot.
Then we had a little girl who's friend was a cat-boy... he was best at spotting cloud animals.
Finally one young boy had a little cat wearing a red cape that would appear in his room....although he never seemed to fly.

hope you enjoy these imaginary friends as much as i did......I wonder where they are now?
luv soju

1 comment:

  1. These are beyond adorable! I love every little friend story, and your illustrations are perfection! Precious! I have to admit, I was always a little envious of those with imaginary friends :/