Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Imagining imaginary friends having imaginary friends

What if your imaginary friend had their own imaginary friend!.....would you be able to see his/hers/it's? You could have a whole gang of imaginary friends and all go giant squid fishing together. That's what I'd do :)


  1. I promise I won't comment on every post! But I had to say... I'm nearly positive that if you have the gift of seeing your own imaginary friend, you'd be able to see theirs... I mean, that's only fair, right? That would be so cool! I can't say I'd go giant squid fishing though.

    1. Yes!!! i like the way u think Megi! i'm pretty sure that's how it must work. What!!! u wouldn't go giant squid fishing? so how will you make giant squid rings? :P

  2. Giant squid rings? SQUID RINGS??? Please explain. Is that a NZ thing? Am I living under a rock? :0