Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Imaginary Friends

It wasn't me Mum!! ...it was Iggy!!!

I think I'll ease back into my little blog by starting with my Imaginary Friends series...it was heaps of fun!
Using social media (you can find all my links to the right of this blog) I asked people to tell me any true stories of Imaginary friends they had growing up. It really was fascinating! The things young minds think up had me green with envy! But I was very appreciative that these kind people let me draw my impression of their imaginary friends. I'll post a few of them during the following week with their little stories...hope you enjoy seeing them as much as i did creating them.
The image above is one I made up....but it was a very common theme from a lot of the stories I heard. So many poor innocent imaginary friends took the blame for all the naughty things these youngsters got up too. Such a cute situation I just had to illustrate it.
much luv


  1. I love this series and I'm so glad you're going to be starting your blog again! The world needs more of you and your precious little creations!

    1. thanks heaps megi!!! stoked to see u in the blog world as well as insta :D