Saturday, 16 March 2013

There you are...

I'm Back! ^^

Hi friends, sorry for the huge gap in posting lately, I have been busy setting up a little soju shots studio. Its a cosy little space in the centre of town where I'm hoping to create a little range of soju shots prints, cards and other bits and pieces. I will still be painting and exhibiting my work too :D  I'm really looking forward to this little adventure and will keep the posts coming. Thank you for all the awesome messages of support and if you're ever in my neck of the woods stop by for a visit. :D
much luv
soju shots (evan)

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  1. Yayyy! Welcome back! <3 Oh that's so wonderful that you have your own little studio now. *claps* I wish you so much success. I do love the little drawing you have up, so cute. Have a merry day.<3

  2. Oh I wish I could stop by! Good luck with everything :) Your work is wonderful!

    1. thanks Elizabeth!!!! i wish u could stop by too! :D