Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Meet Mrs Tiggs

This is Mrs Tiggs, you may recognise her from a couple of my other little illustrations.

She lives on a happy little farm nestled deep within Weeping Willow valley.

Her home is a modest little thatched cottage with thick silver cobwebs framing each and every window.

Mrs Tiggs has 3 woolly sheep, 2 stinky pigs, 1 reliable cow (called Clara) and ducks, chooks and geese galore. ("chooks" are what we call chickens in New Zealand).

Most importantly there's Zebby, he's a scruffy little mongrel and her very best friend.

Mrs Tiggs misses Mr Tiggs very much, everyday in fact ...but she never feels lonely thanks to all of her animal friends who love her very much.

She wakes up before the sun rises every morning and is tucked up in bed again before it sets each evening (with Zebby snuggled at her feet)

Saturday nights are special! that's when she plays her old records and dances around her lounge room until her legs feel like jelly. There's also the sweet smell of her secret recipe home made mulled wine wafting through the air.

So this is Mrs Tiggs, she's not an edgy character nor a particularly exciting one but shes a character nonetheless....and one that I love and hope someone else will too. :)

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