Monday, 30 January 2012


This is most encouraging (apart from the 'she' reference hahaha). I recently joined a site which I'm really excited about called hitRECord which was founded and run by Joesph Gordon-Levitt. Its basically an online collaborative production company that shares its profits with it's contributing artists. Check out this vid giving a run down of events and an awesome mention about my work...around the 8:07 mark. I'm inspired!

Monday, 23 January 2012

and the winner is....

Melancholy and Kara
by Tymothy Longoria

"Why are you sad?"

"I've been alone for too long. Why are you sad?"

"I too, have been lonely."

"What be your name?"

"Melancholy. What is your name?"

"...I have none to speak of. It has made me quite sad, indeed. But yours...yours is quite exquisite."

"If only I felt as my name did sound. Then, perhaps...I would know what joy is."

What is joy, Melancholy? Can it be seen? Can it be felt?"

"Joy is something that even I, being nearly a billion years old have not felt since...well...since began to draw near me some 135,999 years ago!"

"Is it so? Is that the joy? For I have felt the same since I saw your saddened face...I just didn't know what to call it. We be sad no more?"

"We are sad, no more. I will name you, my new friend for millenia! I shall call you Kara, for you have brought this cheer into my heart."

"Oh, how I love it, Melancholy! We be fated together...yes?"

"Yes, Kara. We are indeed. Let no void allow your face to shrink into sadness, ever again."

"No, for this day, I have found a friend, and have been given a name."

...and the stars Melancholy and Kara shined for a billion more years, together...brighter and brighter still.

Melancholy and Kara

Congratulations Tymothy Longoria for this AMAZING entry which couldn't be more perfect for this painting!
Melancholy and Kara will be making their way to you.

Thank you everyone for such a fantastic response to my first little blog competition.....I definitely plan to do more. 
Because there were so many brilliant entries it made it extremely hard to choose a winner....which is why I have a couple of runner up entries who will also have a little something heading their way. Congratulations also to Dean and Lori for your awesome work.

Thanks again to everyone and congratulations to Tymothy, Dean and Lori.