Saturday, 17 December 2011

Twas the Fright Before Christmas - written by Lisa Hashem and illustrated by me.

‘Twas the fright before Christmas, when all through the house
Every creature was stirring right down to the louse.
The stockings were strung by the chimney like a snare,
Ready to hang St. Nicholas by his hair.
The devils were hiding underneath their beds,
While visions of blood-drippings danced in their heads.
And Mama full of fear, I grabbed my strap,
Upon the rattling of chains, and a rap tap, tap, tap.
When out in the living room there was a loud shatter,
I jumped out of bed to a horrible splatter.
I ran to the window and got quite a gash,
The ghoul that was standing there gave me a slash.
The monstrous beast on the blood-splattered snow
Cast a spooky shadow on the objects below.
When what to my horrified eyes did appear,
But eight tiny demons creeping quietly near.
With an evil old leader, carrying a pick,
I knew right away this wasn’t St. Nick.
More rapid than ghosts his evil ones they came
And he bellowed and growled, and called them by name!
“Now, Slasher! Now, Slayer! Now, Killer and Mutilator!
On, Gutter! On, Mangler! On Strangler and Obliterator!
To the center of this house! Right down the hall!
Now snatch away! Snatch away! Snatch away all!”
As rotting flesh slowly decomposes and returns to the earth,
When it meets with insects, it becomes rather dearth.
So down to the basement the evil ones descended,
With the trunk full of rotting corpses, their journey ended.
 And then, in such horror, I heard from below,
Scratching and gnawing, and then a loud blow.
As I looked down the basement stairs, I was rather confound,
I saw in the corner a huge grave mound.
The evil old leader’s hands dripping with blood,
His clothes they were torn and covered in crud.
A bundle of bones he had flung on his back,
Then he suddenly opened it and began to snack.
His eyes-how they were so black, his dimples large holes!
His cheeks were so pale, his nose like massive moles!
His huge cracked mouth was oozing green slime,
The beard on his chin was overtaken with grime.
The stump of a bone, he clenched in his teeth,
The stench was so strong it encased him like a sheath.
He had a monstrous face and a massively large gut
That hung past his knees with a large gaping cut.
He was grossly distorted, a frighteningly evil being,
And I cringed when I saw him, I wanted to run fleeing!
A piercing look from his eyes, that began glowing red,
My heart began to pound and I knew I was dead.
He spoke not a word, as he began digging up the ground,
And he piled the corpses right in a huge mound.
And sticking his finger inside of his nose,
He peered straight through me while I stood there froze.
He trudged up the stairs, with his demons all in a row,
Right out the front door they went, ever so slow.
But I heard him growl as he disappeared out of sight,
Good riddance to all, on this wonderful fright night!
‘Twas the Fright Before Christmas
Written by Lisa Hashem
Illustrated by Evan Heasman

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  4. as always great work - very was your exhibition? I hope it went great. merry christmas

    1. hi Chris, thank you!!! my exhibition went awesome thank you! hope u had a great christmas and new year! look forward to seeing your work in 2012

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