Friday, 30 December 2011

Painting Giveaway!!!!! one off original acrylic painting by me (:

Hi all....I hope your holiday seasons have all been happy and safe! I've decided to kick off this new year by giving back to one of you awesome people who follow this funny ol blog of mine.
These sad stars are from an exhibition i did called Moon Garden....unfortunately they appear to be looking increasingly miserable. So.....if you feel you could put up with these sad sacks....or possibly cheer them up by giving them a new home here's what you need to do -
In the Comments section leave some words that you feel accompany this painting best. It could be a word, poem, limerick, paragraph....anything you wish!  your interpretation (:
I will choose the entry i feel fits best and be in touch to send these sad sacks on to their new life. I will happily send to whichever part of the planet you are from (please leave a contact email address).

Winner will be decided and displayed on the 24th of January

The painting is acrylic and Indian ink on 61cm x 30cm box canvas.


  1. There once was a sad sappy star
    Whose misery was up to par
    It wanted to send
    Its love to a friend
    But then thought the distance too far

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  3. Doleful.

    ajun666 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. "I think we made a wrong turn."

    "Left instead of right?"

    "Something like that."

    "How will we find our way back to the Moon Garden?"

    "Stars don't belong in a garden, Razzle."

    "Then where?"

    "Somewhere over the rainbow, that's where. Somewhere in a distant galaxy where a lonesome writer needs an inspiration and a blank wall needs a star."

    "Or two?" Razzle asked looking to his brother.

    "Or two."

    "That's sound perfect Reese. How do you suppose we find it?"

    "Listen and you can hear the click, click, click of the keys as she writes our way."

    Razzle looked down as he strained to hear. First just a faint click and then another one until they came in quick repetition. Reese was right, Razzle was sure of it. A new beginning was just beyond their view, all they had to do was follow the calling of the keys.

  5. Two sorrowing stars did mourn the moon
    A being which once had made them swoon
    With waxing charm and rapt ardour
    The moon professed unyielding amour
    But then the moon's heart turned astray
    Its sweeping light just waned away
    Two stars were left in lost love's wake
    With only each other in comfort to take


  6. I see a black hole, is there time to get away? There better be!

  7. "So, it has come to this?We have been...humanized? sighed Rigel" "Sadly,yes,"replied Aldebaran. "Humans cannot seem to comprehend the magnificence we represent, our sparkle, our heat,light. They attempt to make us, simpler, more accessible." "Even the distance between you and I becomes an insignificence in their minds." "Wait, I feel ripples in my heart!"gasped Rigel. "Oh my! The vermillion rays of imagination are making these human appendages wither and leave me!" Aldebaran's delight was palpable. "In the mind of some writer or painter, we are being shifted to our rightful place in the galaxy!"contented the stars wait. The poster of of their sadness will hang for timeless years upon the wall of the artist, a reminder of the joy he felt when the stars crept into his dreams to claim their regal manifestation once more.

  8. "Why are you sad?"

    "I've been alone for too long. Why are you sad?"

    "I too, have been lonely."

    "What be your name?"

    "Melancholy. What is your name?"

    "...I have none to speak of. It has made me quite sad, indeed. But yours...yours is quite exquisite."

    "If only I felt as my name did sound. Then, perhaps...I would know what joy is."

    What is joy, Melancholy? Can it be seen? Can it be felt?"

    "Joy is something that even I, being nearly a billion years old have not felt since...well...since began to draw near me some 135,999 years ago!"

    "Is it so? Is that the joy? For I have felt the same since I saw your saddened face...I just didn't know what to call it. We be sad no more?"

    "We are sad, no more. I will name you, my new friend for millenia! I shall call you Kara, for you have brought this cheer into my heart."

    "Oh, how I love it, Melancholy! We be fated together...yes?"

    "Yes, Kara. We are indeed. Let no void allow your face to shrink into sadness, ever again."

    "No, for this day, I have found a friend, and have been given a name."

    ...and the stars Melancholy and Kara shined for a billion more years, together...brighter and brighter still.

    Melancholy and Kara

  9. Fallen before wished upon
    Stripped of hope
    Never to deliver happiness
    No more twinkling
    Grounded for eternity

  10. To wish upon a star may sound magical. However, to wish upon a sad star, that, my friend, is real magic.

    Stars are constantly making us smile. But, to make a star happy is the greatest thing a human can ever do to give back all what's been given to him, and it only cost one wish.

    Happy new Year, evan!

  11. ...all that was given to him* sorry for my mistake! haha

  12. I love your art. It's very dark and funny. Fun and charming works.

  13. Same to you!! Happy, happy 2012!! !

  14. beautiful art! I follow your blog with much pleasure

  15. The burden of endless wishes weighs heavy on the souls of stars as those most in need have the hardest wishes to grant.

    Dwindle, dwindle, saddened star,
    You failed my wish and broke my heart.

    Dean Bycroft
    (These words were inspired by this amazing artwork).

    1. I like it. Short, sweet, and eloquently said.

  16. Your work is so original, i absolutely love it. i was just dropping by to wish you a happy new year!
    xo sandra

  17. Amazing work! It's a very emotive and sad painting.
    Happy new year!

    Here comes my interpretation, sorry for my bad English.
    Hope you like it!

    "All the stars were humans one day, but they are not shiny anymore.
    They will never come back, They were sentenced to be spectators of life.

    But stars will never forget their past and will live with a tear for all the eternity.
    They have been reapeating the same wish over and over again since their souls were dismissed from Earth.
    They have real wishes, wishes that won't come true, and they still reciving simple wishes from those naive people who will be stars one day."

  18. Daddies time had come to supernova

  19. Original and amazing work!
    thanks for your words.
    Happy new year, Evan!
    Luck and Happyness!
    a hug from Spain =)

  20. Twinkle, twinkle... oh, never mind!

  21. Great jobs, excellent illustrations!


  22. " I need a dollar!"
    Powerful melancholic...

  23. Hello Evan!
    I wish you a great 2012!
    Great Job! It´s original and cool
    From your spanish friend

  24. Two mischievous little stars went out to play,
    Drifting a wee bit too far from the Milky Way.
    They lost their way home,
    Now all alone,
    Sad and droopy they sit in dismay.

  25. Such a sad little star indeed, but I love all the love and whimsy that you put into this gorgeous piece...this will at least make someone very happy...and maybe the the little star too. Have a Happy New Year!

  26. She just went out for a pack of cigarettes, son.

    But that was 3 years ago, dad.

  27. Hi, Evan!
    The paonting is so great!
    I think it appeared I and my son, or my BF and I...
    I love Stars!!!

    akiko from Japan

  28. I like it!!!, it's a great painting

  29. Hi Evan!

    I would like to take care of the stars and make them shine, because I know that will not be like this forever, because the energy is always transformed. So I participate with this, the words of one star to another:

    "It's hard to shine as a star, be a star ... But do not forget that the universe would cease to be beautiful without interstellar dust, remains of a star ....

    In the end, we are all interstellar dust ... "


  30. dear evan. don´t misunderstand me, the pic is great.
    but i never hold a sad pic in my house. this doesn`t talk about the work's quality.
    at the same way that i never hold a botero´s guantanamo work.
    anyway, is a great way to honor your followers.

    un abrazo desde uruguay

  31. Hi f......that's absolutely understandable (: thanks for your kind words and visiting my blog. best wishes (: