Monday, 7 November 2011

why so shy little knit boy?

                                                          he likes to hide in snow blizzards


  1. Really really cute this little boy! ^^ very nice illustration, love it!

  2. Hi @monzargos knit boy is very shy and likes to hide in snow blizzards. thanks for your kind words...Im happy you like it. (:

  3. WOW. how did you even DO THAT?!the structure is mindblowing pretty n knittity. x3' simply just wonderful. all your art,always with a pinch of akwardness n sometimes discomfort,i find at the same time WARM n inviting, you know? very very very nice work evan!!:D

  4. awww shucks @drend! hahaha thanks again! you always know what to say! hope you're doing good, i see you've been trying some amazing new stuff out over at and everyone should go check it out (:

  5. Absolutely adorable. Cute cute cute. I don't know what else to say... :) :)

  6. Great piece, Evan! I love what you did with the touque, sweater, etc. Brilliant look!

  7. Hello Evan ...
    I do not know yet what could be said Jinny ... the story is coming out
    Slowly ... However I think it could be a comic! who knows!
    But you're going to do a show! I would love to come to
    see it ... but I think it's a little 'too far!
    This illustration seems to etching.
    I like the lighter in the profile, such as snow glare.
    Bravo Evan!

  8. very good! have a good week. Greetings