Wednesday, 30 November 2011

thanks Mark Ryden!

Underneath the juniper tree had a competition to interpret one of Mark Ryden's images in your own style. This was my attempt. Check out the amazing winning entry over at Underneath the Juniper Tree.


  1. Alice holding the white bunny. Yeah, bunnies always present. Good luck in the competition :D

  2. I love the colours too. It's great, I think I'll print it and put it on my wall or something (: I LOVE Alice in Wonderland too, as you already know (:

  3. Mark Ryden blows my mind to bits, as does James Jean —in a different way.

  4. @Bunny haha thanks!!! and yes! bunnies are ALWAYS present thanks to you... (:=

    @Alexiev thank you for the awesome words!!

    @Anja Thanks for visiting and happy you like the illustration. also happy you will print it out.....made my day (:

    @Weird Amiga totally with you on Mark Ryden's work and thanks for the James Jean tip!....I'm just about to put his name into google and feed my mind (:

    @Julio Thanks for coming back Julio and the awesome words (:

  5. Awesome work, especially love the look in her eyes...

    // -T.W-