Saturday, 29 October 2011

they're all over you little zombie girl!!!


  1. AAAH"!she is GORGEOUS. i just LOVE her clothes n hair! she totally look like a swedish "dalkulla" (look up "dalarna" on wiki, eng.version if you want). oh, my apologizes! a very pretty zombie dalkulla with bothering birds all over her. <3 <3

  2. AWESOME!!!!! this is truly breathtaking <3

  3. Zombie Girl and her nest-head full of twitting birds. What do you use to make your drawings? Like your style! :)

  4. Sooo beautiful and disturbing at the same time. I love it!

  5. Lovely! And the braids:))))))

  6. again - wonderul work. That is as always a great illustration. :)

  7. Just realised its 12.00.09 A.M. on the morning of All Hallows Eve haha (nz time)

    happy halloween little zombie girl !

  8. Adoré a esta niñita, Evan!muy original!

  9. Oh! Sweet zombie girl!
    Happy Halloween (・◡・)ノ

  10. OI SÓ PASSANDO PRA TE DESEJAR !!! happy halloween.

  11. Sweet twitter-haired girl with her hollow stare--excellent, Evan :)

  12. Nossa cada ilustração bacana por aqui...

    Oi,amiguinho(achei legal seu blog),visite/siga o Blog do XANDRO
    (meu blog para retribuir o carinho)vc vai gostar!;)

  13. @drend Thanks again! i looked up "dalarna" and see what you mean. I think im going to name her dalkulla! hope your works going well(:

    @Athar thanks for visiting again! really happy you like it.

    @bunny thank you! its just an ink drawing coloured in photoshop. I usually paint with acrylics though.

    @Kathryn so loyal!! glad you like...happy halloween (:

    @Gen yes! disturbing = good hahaha thank you

    @Linnea haha yeah...i guess little zombie girls still take time to braid

    @Chris thanks again...hope your exhibition preperations going well

    @hellblazer I luv that term "all hallows eve" I think little zombie girl moaned Happy halloween to u 2!

    @Maria thanks for visiting!! google translate is a marvolous thing!! haha so happy you liked this. gracias

    @tomato happy halloween!!! from me and dalkulla the zombie girl (:

    @chico lim@ welcome back! thanks for the halloween wishes and I wish the same to you! happy halloween (:

    @Elizabeth Thank you!!! hope your vacation was a good issue UTJT tomorrow!!! exciting

    @Blog do xandro thank you! i will check out your blog (:

  14. I love this piece, Evan! The concept and execution are fantastic!

  15. I bet the reason the birds nested on the braids are the happiest, is because they're swinging...