Wednesday, 12 October 2011

paradise lost

sparing a thought for all the wildlife perishing unnecessarily in the Rena Oil Spill ):


  1. now even sadder :( Count is above 500 already. beautiful sentiment though.

  2. welcome to my blog @art at Chesterbrook (:

    @BreeK....heya!!! yeah its too sad eh...dont like watchin the news at the mo. thanks for the visit though! (:

  3. You followed me up. Thank you!
    Your imagination is cool, & cute.
    It is unique and interesting!

    I come to this blog again (:

  4. Beautiful drawing,it is difficult to think about the wildlife.

  5. Thanks for your comment!! Your draws is interesting, in specific "Confronting the landscape" and "i wish i was a bird" "the long drive" (wonderfull!!!) and "the widow"...i like when you remove, when you steal from black color
    Nice to meet you Evan, and 've a good day!

  6. good gallery you have and i like very much your characters...

  7. Hi, Evan...

    Seus trabalhos também são fantásticos! Parabéns pelas belas ilustrações e muito sucesso em sua jornada.

    Obrigado pelo gentil comentário em meu blog e muitas felicidades para você!

    Abraço cordial, Emerson Fialho.

  8. Great work! You doin' a great job

  9. @akiko thanks so much!! im following your blog also!!! I luv the photography a lot. (:

    @Linnea thank you, yeah its very sad when disaster strikes and the helpless wildlife suffer.

    @kinoki thank you very much! and great to meet you also!!! Im really enjoying your progress with "little red riding hood and her choices" great work!

    @Meral thank you for that...i LOVE creating new characters and glad you appreciate them (:

    @emerson thank you so much for your kind words!! (I must admit i had to use google translate haha} congratulations on "A Lua Tristonha" it looks amazing!!!! great job and best of luck!

    @chris and @julio thanks both for visiting my blog and your words of encourgment.

  10. Such a beautiful drawing. Painful to contemplate this disaster.

  11. Thank u so much for the lovely comments and for following me.
    I took the time to go through most of your AMAZING work, I'm in love with ur unique style and can't wait to see more :D

  12. This little duck is so beautiful and cute, Evan! I love it :-) You did a great job on the colors. Have fun! Thilda

  13. Very nice as always Evan ;)

    Btw,i liked Kimbra very much :D

  14. Ciao Evan, thank you for your visit and for appreciating my work.
    I like your work too, very much and will be happy to follow your beautiful blog!
    See you soon,

  15. @carin Thank you!!!...hoping things will improve soon (:

    @Athar Thanks for checking out my work! I did the same with yours an loved it!!!! lookin forward to seeing more from you (:

    @thilda Thank you! she's a female Paradise Shelduck. Hope your having fun yourself! (:

    @shiver heya....thanks again!! I thought you might haha

    @Rita Ciao (: Thank you for visiting!!! Your work is amazing!!!!! thanks for the follow....looking forward to seeing your new stuff.

  16. Disastrous and heart breaking...!
    Beautiful drawing, though. :')