Wednesday, 19 October 2011

not long now......



  1. this is the reason i never use "jasons " travel guides hehehehehehe

  2. DOH wrong franchise ! that will teach me to go out drinking at the butter factory on a GONG night...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    anyway i like this guy so much better here than in the austin powers movies....... :)

  3. haha no worries...the pic does look a bit of a cross between the both haha.

  4. Hey Evan,

    thank you so much for your nice words, I really appreciate that! :] You've got wonderful ideas in your art, very beautiful. I'll keep visiting your blog!


  5. Hey worries! your work is awesome! thanks for your kind words and visiting!! will definitely keep up with your future posts.

  6. gnac! gnac! I love your wonderful world! :) Thanks for your passage on my blog
    (and sorry for my english...)

  7. see? almost the same here.
    the picture is ment to be a bit scarry, a bit with a down/negative note, yet you made the butterflies around him, which i see as a gentle note, am i wrong, Evan?

    with bad or good, it's still beautiful.

  8. @Baptistine, thank you for visiting my little world hahaha please come again! I'll definitely keep visiting yours (:

    @a dreamer thenk you!!! (: yeah its the opposite in this case from the owl and pussycat....sometimes i like to balance the dark with a little bit of hope are definitely not wrong! (: