Saturday, 22 October 2011

how long have you been there?


  1. i love that little red fellow on her shoulder. but i bet SHE don't. :/ their (tired?)glaring at eatchother are just so cute.

  2. be careful, little shoulder imps tend to give ticky pieces of advice :P

  3. What an interesting composition.
    I love your choice of colors.

  4. You know, the thumbnails in my blog reader don't do your art justice. This is cute!

  5. I love it, Evan, right down to the title! :) Great work!

  6. dude ....what i love so much about ya stuff is all the little subtle things like her daisy chain crucifix been mirrored by her amoeba like evoluntionary side by side just like her and the demon :) haha love it ! I wanna buy a print.
    ....there are just so many layers to the image man ,I love that the demon is aware of her at the same time as she is of him ....and then shes black and white and hes the colour ...hahahah slime green eyes !
    love it love it love it :)

  7. @Drend Thank you!!! as always haha Yeah she's not too pleased to see him....maybe you could set scabcat on him? hahaha waiting for your next post! (:

    @bunny haha thanks for that! yes you're very right! luckily we can always trust advice from a bunny....right? (;

    @art at chesterbook - thanks for visiting keeping up to date with what you've got the kids up to next.

    @Kathryn thanks again! always inspired by your kind words!

    @chris cormier thank you!! I was checking out your blog again....i realllly cant wait to see edgar come to life in 'peas in a pod' long do i have to wait ? hahaha will keep checking your progress (:

    @Linnea thanks again!!! hope you're doing well (:

    @hellblazer thanks heaps for the wicked cool words!!!!!! its so cool to hear what other people see in my work.....i'll never admit or deny if it was intentional or not hahaha.

  8. Haha! the little demon's like "oh no, she can see me!" The next scene should be here swatting him off her shoulder :P
    I'm in love with her dress/top <3 excellent job

  9. Thanks so much!!!!

    @Athar yeah i like that idea! thanks as always for your kind words!!! I coloured it using photoshop again (:

  10. What a perfect idea!
    It reminded me to look over at my own shoulder.

  11. you will like bresciano´s xilogravures.
    he´s an old uruguayan artist.